Learn about how ARO has helped a few of our clients


ARO has teamed up with some of the largest auto manufacturers to provide strategic administrative process improvements. One partner realized a significant drop in error rates and a cost savings of over $226,000 annually.


ARO provides exceptional on-site services to a number of law firms, in addition to software-based productivity solutions and e-discovery services. After 25 years, we still work with our very first client and many other organizations in this industry.


Before this private college hired ARO, their previous vendor failed to keep up with changing technology and demand for service. Departments on campus were using costly and inconsistent 3rd party vendors. With on-site ARO staffing, updated equipment, and streamlined communication, the college now saves 25% annually.

Consumer Goods

After several years of business with ARO, this client began to remodel and restructure their fourth building, they also decided to model its new mailroom on the results achieved elsewhere by ARO. ARO was asked to review their internally-staffed operation in that building and provide lower cost/higher efficiency mailroom options.


ARO saw potential for significant cost savings in this customer’s mailroom environment. We studied the client’s mailroom operations in multiple locations in several states and implemented new practices in almost all areas of the mailrooms, resulting in huge annual savings.


ARO management personnel at all levels are involved with ongoing analysis of every account, looking for ways we can make life easier for our clients, and save them money. Our constant review process led ARO’s management to propose a new value added service to help this client.


When this manufacturer of semiconductors and computer memory decided to embark on a huge challenge, to consolidate their paper records, shred most, and move the remainder to a record storage company, they turned to us to manage the process. 


ARO was approached by one of our industry partners who provide “cloud-based”, health-care-specific, document management services, to help them assist this medical group with their document management issues. The firm needed a partner who could really manage the medical group’s print center and the co-located mailroom


With no warning, the incumbent provider for this manufacturer decided to exit the customer’s geographic region. The company had less than 30 days to get a vendor. ARO promptly met with the client and presented ideas for improving the department, retaining current employees, maintaining exceptional service, and analyzing potential cost savings.

Marketing Services

A trade show promotional item, a rubber duck, sparked significant operational change and cost savings for one ARO customer.  ARO’s signature rubber ducks are a play on our claim to “get all our clients’ ducks in A-R-O”.   On this occasion an ARO duck ended up in the hands of the Director of Operations & Property Management of a national marketing services company.


ARO had a long-term relationship with this technology company, providing mailroom, reception and record keeping services, plus staffing a file clerk in their accounting office. ARO took on their biggest challenge- keeping accounting personnel on staff for more than 11 months.

Professional Services

This prestigious global professional services firm decided to sell two offices to two different entities, and came to ARO with a challenge: how could they retain their legally-mandated seven years of records, while turning over the same to the new owners? ARO designed and delivered a virtual archive in record time for these clients.