Press Release

March 20, 2024

ARO Introduces New Subsidiary Brand "Roboworx": Redefining Robotic Service and Support

January 2, 2024 - ARO, a leader in innovative managed services, is thrilled to announce the launch of its new subsidiary brand, Roboworx. This groundbreaking brand is dedicated to revolutionizing the service, support, and customer success of robots, catering to the ever-growing demands of the robotics industry.

Roboworx emerges at a time when the reliance on robotic technology is at an all-time high. With an increasing number of industries integrating robots into their operations, the need for specialized maintenance and support services has never been more critical. Recognizing this gap, ARO has taken a significant step forward with Roboworx to ensure these technological marvels operate at their peak efficiency.

Services Tailored for the Future

Roboworx is not just another service provider; it is a promise of reliability, innovation and customer success. The brand offers a comprehensive range of services, including routine preventative maintenance, break/fix support, implementations and activations, and customer success programs designed to keep customers happy and engaged with their robotic fleet. These services cater to a wide array of robots, ranging from industrial automation, supply chain, service, hospitality, restaurant, kitchen automation, drones, drone boxes, and cleaning.

Commitment to Excellence

What sets Roboworx apart is its commitment to excellence. Leveraging ARO's extensive experience in customer success, Roboworx employs a team of highly skilled customer success agents and technicians. These experts are not only adept at handling the technical aspects of robotics but are also trained to provide personalized customer service, ensuring every client's needs are met with precision and care.

Looking to the Future

Roboworx is more than a brand; it's a visionary step towards the future of robotic maintenance and success. With plans to expand its services globally, Roboworx is poised to become a pivotal player in the robotics industry. ARO is proud to support this venture and is excited to see how Roboworx will continue to shape the landscape of robotic services. For more information about Roboworx and its services, please visit

Contact Information:

Jeff Pittelkow | Managing Director