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Many outsourcing organizations are hardware focused and promote their own brand. Some lack the technological expertise and offerings that provide a comprehensive solution in blending the proper balance of process and personnel.

ARO partners with all the leading office technology manufacturers, and provides unique complementary software offerings that deliver the comprehensive business intelligence necessary in effectively managing a customer’s office support operation.

We provide our customers with unbiased, independent analysis and a wide selection of best of market offerings. We realize that what may be optimal in one environment may not be ideal for another. Also, technology offerings and advances have to be implemented in the context of dynamic business environments. What was leading edge today may be obsolete or costly in relation to rapidly changing business needs within a short period of time.

We work with our customers in mapping out various options, and provide recommendations based upon their goals, ROI and the quality of the manufacturer and their respective offerings. We are a single resource in providing our customers with multiple options in the optimal management and workflow of their organization.

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