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From providing management to your current robotic fleet, to help in building your fleet, ARO can provide robotics solutions and support to make robotics and robotic management approachable and affordable.


Implementation of robotics can be a few days or a few months. ARO can provide robotic expertise that can help the process along. From providing a full implementation team of multiple people over a few months, to just 1 person over a few days, ARO has the capacity to provide trained implementation experts on your robotic solution so you don’t have to maintain a team and can expand your implementation capabilities as fast as you can grow your business.


ARO Robotics Lifecycle Support Capabilities

  • On-site agents and support workers
  • On-site robotic management and oversight
  • Pre-install surveys and mapping
  • Installation and implementation services
  • Robot operators
  • Robot technicians for preventative maintenance & break/fix support
  • Remote monitoring & operation
  • Vehicle & Real Estate acquisition and management
  • Custom Software & App Development
  • Augmented Reality Remote Support System
  • Technical, Operational & Customer Training
  • Depot Service
  • Component Level Repairs
  • Spare Parts Management & Distribution
  • Robot Refurbishment & End of Life Services

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Robotics Support

ARO offers the following types of Robotic support:

  • Field agents to handle small issues, pre-flight, and off-course remediation
  • 24/7 call center support
  • Remote experts with in-depth knowledge of your robot
  • Options for local, regional and national-based support that can respond to your robotic placement needs and optimize support.
  • “Fly-In” support where we travel where your robots require service.
  • Management of customer required tight SLAs and targets.
  • On-site technicians and fleet management.

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Office Robotics

ARO is the first to provide broad solutions and support to workplace robotics. From delivering mail to cleaning floors to indoor security, ARO can provide robotics solutions and support to make robotics in the modern office approachable and affordable.

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