Press Release

October 11, 2022

ARO to Support H3 Dynamics’ DBX (Drone-in-a-box) Installations across the US.

October 7, 2022—Austin, Texas and Chicago, Illinois. H3 Dynamics, a global remote industrial AI and drone automation leader focused on maintenance, rescue and surveillance operations and ARO,a leader in supporting field operations and management of industrial robots, today announced a partnership enabling 24/7 support for nationwide (US) installations of H3 Dynamics’ DBX-G7 autonomous drone-in-a-box systems.  Designed by H3 Dynamics, DBX-G7 is an advanced stationary field robot that functions like an onsite drone pilot, covering all operations from navigation, to docking, battery charging, data retrieval, transmission, and cloud-based processing, fully autonomously. Unlike similar systems seen so far, DBX-G7is uniquely drone-agnostic, meaning it can support different drone models and payload options, enabling the full suite of use cases enabled by today’s drone services industry through a single cloud portal.


Through this new partnership, H3 Dynamics will gain the benefit of ARO’s 30+ years of managed services experience and track record in robotic operations, management, customer success, and service, solidifying their stature as a dominant player in the robotics space. Through this partnership, ARO will ensure the successful deployment, operations, support services, and continued success of H3 Dynamics’ DBX platform.


With ARO’s expertise in managed robotics services we stand ready to deliver turn-key autonomous drone stations as a service with 24/7 nationwide operational support.” said Jarat Ford, General Manager of H3 Dynamics-North America. "This is an essential step in scaling our solutions efficiently across such a large territory with many remote locations, such as on border patrols, or large solar PV power plants.”


“We’re excited to have this partnership with H3 Dynamics. The DBX platform is a world-class drone in a box system that is set to take the US market by storm. Through our national network of agents, resources, and our operational experience, we feel we are the right partner to help ensure H3 Dynamics are a continued leader in the space,” said Jeff Pittelkow, Managing Director of Robotics for ARO.


AboutH3 Dynamics


Founded in 2015 with offices in Austin, in Singapore, and Toulouse, H3 Dynamics is enabling the broader drone services industry with new capabilities, from providing turn-key maintenance digitization services, to removing the need for pilots with robotic drone stations, and to elongating battery-powered flight durations using hydrogen-electric systems. While the company’s current work focuses mainly around enabling small commercial drones, H3 Dynamics’ solutions are destined to power up increasingly large and more capable UAVs all the way through to full-scale aircraft.


H3D’s DBX-G7 drone-agnostic charging station enables fully-autonomous drone operations across the entire workflow including navigation, charging, data retrieval and processing—making it ideally suited to customers looking to automate their existing drone operations and manage their remote locations more efficiently.


About ARO Robotics

ARO is a global leader in Robots-as-a-Service (RaaS)including robotic financing, management, operations, customer success, andsupport. Through ARO’s unique RaaS model, manufacturers can enjoy capitalpreservation and operational commercialization, and end-customers can enjoy ahigh level of management, support, and oversite of their new robotic employees.These management services include implementation, daily operations, 24/7 remotemonitoring, robotic fleet management, account management, break/fix support, dedicatedpersonnel, and complete robot lifecycle management.

Founded in 1990 and headquartered in Chicago, ARO has over30 years of experience in managed services and operations, specializing in theintegration of people, process, and technology.